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Our Location
Burke County is a member of the 11th U.S. Congress, 46th NC Senate, 86th NC House, and 112th NC House districts in the majestic mountains and foothills of western North Carolina.
Our Events
Our upcoming event schedules can be found on our calendar. Please notify the webmaster of any additions or changes, or political events that you may be sponsoring or aware of that may be of interest to other democrats in our area.
Our Leaders
The party's executive officer's, staff, and other leader's names may be found on our Party Officers page.
Our Elected Officials
Our pride and joy are our democratic elected officials. Our federal, state, and local office holders are the most knowledgeable and seasoned in their respective positions. Our local officials are unmatched in expertise and often uncontested in election cycles.
Our Candidates
Names of democrats vying for public office will appear here beginning with the primary election season. Their likeness, biography, and other methods to learn what they stand for will be listed after the primary and going forward to the general election.
Our Neighbors
All member county's websites of all legislative districts where Burke is a member are listed on our Links page. Along with those are other democratic affiliated websites.
Our Clubs
Want to get together with us and strategize, "shoot the bull", or just plain tell it like it is? Come visit us at one of our club meetings. We'll dine, discuss, and have some good ol' democrat times.
It's the only way we're going to get the right people in office. And just wonder for a moment..........what if NOBODY did? Check our precinct list for poll locations.
Join Us
Want to volunteer toward our party's efforts? Need to contact a party leader? If you're a registered democrat, then you're already a member. Visit our contacts page and fill out a VOLUNTEER form.


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