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We've all seen the negative, and blatant lie campaign, of Thom Tillis. He, or his cronies, continue to produce commercials that claim Kay Hagan has done nothing
during her term in the U.S. Senate.

Maybe you are starting to believe this non-sense, maybe not.
Well, you can believe this - he will stop at nothing to become the next senator so that he may "protect" all his rich friends and thumb his nose at common, ordinary people.

Click here for the facts on Tillis and here for the facts on Senator Hagan,
and see for yourself how Kay Hagan has done a wonderful job in the senate,
and that she DOES deserve to be re-elected.


Number of times Tillis did not vote on various bills covering 3 pages of his actions while in the state legislature

Number of times Senator Hagan did not vote on various bills covering 7 pages of her actions while a U.S. Senator




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